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Lovers of events, jokers, free spirits and professors in knowing better. A mix of everything. What connects us is our love for this profession.

We often invite freelancers to help us out. People who are part of the ‘extended canary family’ with just as much passion for our profession. That is what keeps us on our toes. It enables us to keep challenging ourselves because we surround ourselves with the best in the business. It is fun for us, and our clients also benefit. Moreover, that flexible team helps us to scale up in line with the size or complexity a project.

Just look at those canaries!

Martijn van der Werff

Managing Director / Partner

Janine Roozemond

Creative Director / Partner

Nicole Hurkmans

General Manager

Tanja van Groningen

Head of Content

Claire Hilbrand

Executive Producer

Sharda Khodabaks

Office Manager

Irma Almekinders

Finance Manager

Esmee Nieuwenhuis

Head of Productions

Wouter Oostinjen

Senior Project Manager

Maike Mehlert

Senior Project Manager

Sebastiaan Kortekaas

Senior Project Manager

Liza Jongbloed

Creative Producer

Noor Vrins


Ché Langereis

Project Manager



Kingcanary is affiliated to the Independent Dutch Event Association (IDEA).

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